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The smart and easy way to support small business and non-profit organizations.

TAP uses a unique combination of tags, beacons and card readers to make in-person payments, tips and donations quick and easy.

We help our partners choose the right solution for their needs - with maximum results for minimal cost.

A Complete Solution

Other vendors in the market offer only a single inflexible solution - one that has to be shoe-horned to fit different applications. TAP offers a complete, flexible solution that ensures the right tool is used at minimal cost.

Do more with a TAP

Simply TAP a tag to make a payment or donation.

Let's work together

TAP is the easiest way for small businesses and non-profit organizations to connect with customers and donors.

With the move towards a digital economy, charities and other organizations that rely on cash donations are struggling. TAP helps. Customers and donors can now offer support at any time or place - without the need for cash.
We all need help from time to time. TAP provides the means to help small businesses affected by the pandemic, and individuals who have immediate financial needs - to cover medical expenses, emergencies and more.
Political campaigns require grassroots funding efforts to be successful. When cash donations are drying up - TAP provides a solution.
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Features Galore

The TAP platform allows a host of features to make payments and donations fast, easy, convenient and very secure.


Simply TAP a trusted tag with a compatible smartphone and connect to our secure servers. Choose a donation amount and a funding source. That's all there is to it!

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TAP uses NFC wireless technology that is available on the majority of recent smartphones. This includes both Apple and Android devices.

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Trusted tags and encrypted communications ensure personal information, payment data and transactions are all secure.

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All donors can share their contact information with recipients or choose to remain anonymous. It's always the donor's choice.

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People are loving TAP

TAP users are raving about the platform. Here what they have to say...
“Giving with a TAP is a breeze.
“Everything should be this easy.”
“I recommend you give TAP a go now!”
“TAP is, well... It's pretty great.
“It's so easy to give. It's a no-brainer.”

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Giving is fast, easy and convenient. Get started in minutes.