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    Introducing TAP™ - fast, secure payment and more...

    TAP™ enables fast, secure payments for in-store purchases.

    Experience the speed and convenience of contactless/NFC payments without worrying hackers might access your sensitive credit or debit card information.

    And, control the entire experience right from your Apple, Android or Windows smartphone!

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    No app or wallet to open! Just TAP™ and go...

    Use your TAP™ at any merchant that has a POS terminal with contactless/NFC capabilities. Perfect for small value purchases - no signature required!

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    PIN protection

    Fingerprint protection*

    Proximity tethering to smartphone

    Snoop protection

    Remote lockout

    Firewall for debit and credit cards

    * Requires smartphone with fingerprint sensor
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    You have complete control over how and where your TAP™ can be used, directly from your smartphone.

    Place a hold on your account anytime, anywhere

    Set transaction geo-fences

    Set spending limits and reload

    Set up notification emails and messages

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    Earn TAPPoints™ with every purchase!

    Earn points every time you use your TAP, and opt-in to receive special offers from our partners.

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    Small, durable form factor

    Bluetooth and NFC technology

    Multi-factor authentication

    Widespread acceptance

    For Apple, Android and Windows devices

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    TAP™ - fast, secure payment and more...


Introducing TAP™ - the new way to pay.

We've grown accustomed to walking into a store or restaurant, making a purchase, and paying with a swipe of our 'plastic'. It's fast, easy and very convenient. But it can also be very convenient for crooks! In recent years, there are been many instances of large-scale theft of debit and credit card information - exposing our financial accounts to fraud and theft.

So what are we to do? Stop using our cards? Use more cash?

We have a solution. TAP™ bridges the gap between cash and credit/debit cards and provides a fast, easy, convenient AND SECURE way to pay!

Just load up your TAP with a credit card, debit, transfer from bank account or even cash, activate it - and your're ready to go! Use it at thousands of store locations. Just press the button, and TAP to pay!

Security. Privacy. Convenience.



TAP communicates with point-of-sale devices using NFC (Near Field Communication) - the same wireless technology used in Apple Pay and Google Wallet. No need to swipe, just tap to pay!

Bluetooth 4.0

TAP is always paired with your Apple, Apple or Windows smartphone using the latest Bluetooth technology. And with the FREE mobile app, you're able to turn your TAP on or off manually, or program it to de-activate automatically should the two devices be physically separated.

Battery Life

TAP doesn't require any cables or charging. It operates on coin-cell batteries that should last a year or more! Batteries are inexpensive and widely available, and can be replaced in just minutes.


TAP leverages your smartphone's capabilities for added security. It cannot be activated without entering your chosen PIN or fingerprint. However, this is not required for every transaction - you can choose how long it's active before requiring user authentication. Security and convenience - the best of both worlds!

Size & Form Factor

TAP was designed to be small, unobtrusive and connect to a key-ring - something most people carry with them most of the time. Made of durable, eco-friendly plastic, it's made to last for several years.


TAP is user-friendly. A series of audio-tones and colored LED lights are provided to indicate status, actions and alerts.

Smart Button

Guess what? The TAP can do more than payments! Using a mobile app, you can program the TAP to perform other tasks.

Lost or misplaced your smartphone? You can also use your TAP to page your phone and instruct it to start beeping so you can locate it.

You could also use the device as a panic button. Simply place it into 'Guardian' mode and keep it close at hand. Pressing and holding the button will notify selected contacts - family, friends or law enforcement - that you're in need of assistance.

To design the future effectively, you must first let go of the past.
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The TAP is designed to operate with Apple, Android and Windows smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and later - most devices available in the last two years.

The FREE mobile app gives you complete control over your device including activation, security, loading, spending locations & limits, transaction reporting, as well as notifications & alerts.

Customize your TAP just the way you like it. You can even create usage profiles - which are quick ways to adapt the device for different usage e.g. home, office, travel. The app also permits you to control the devices of family members. Got kids? Now you can control your kids' spending habits in real time!

Although the TAP app is comprehensive, we'll be adding more features to make the payment experience easier, more secure, and even fun. Stay tuned! In the meantime, read more about the mobile app functionality below.


TAP delivers a high level of security. To ensure that it is only used by its owner, a TAP must be 'active' when it is used at a point-of-sale device. This can be done immediately before the transaction, or at an earlier time. To activate, a user must 'authenticate' themselves using their smartphone. This may include typing a PIN, providing a fingerprint or voice sample.

The device will remain active until you manually de-activate, a prescribed time elapses, or some other security event prompts a deactivation.

Value Load

You may add value to your TAP anytime - using the mobile app, online from any computer, through arrangements with your bank, or at some retail stores.

You can even choose to 'top up' your TAP on a chosen schedule, or any time your balance dips below a certain amount.

If family members have a TAP, you can also add funds to their accounts or adjust spending limits.

Transaction Reports

From the mobile app, you have a complete up-to-date record of all transactions performed on your account.

For added security, you can immediately be notified any time your TAP is used. Notifications include detailed information about the transaction and can be delivered via email, text message or through the app.


You can elect to receive a variety of notifications and alerts related to the use of your TAP. Receive alerts about suspicious activity, when your balance dips low, or when your account is topped up. Alerts can appear on your smartphone or through audio-tones and lights on the device itself!

Time Limits

You can select what times your TAP is active or dormant. For example:

  • Specify that the device is only active for 24 hours - requiring re-authentication every day
  • Block out sleeping hours when you're unlikely to use it


You may also adjust the active status of your TAP (or those of family members) based on geographic location. For example, you could choose to allow use only within 20 miles of your home or office, or you could be notified if a family member attempts to use their TAP outside of agreed boundaries. Of course, 'geo-fence' settings can be quickly changed while traveling.

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About Us

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Who Are We?

TAP™ is a product and service of TAP Mobile - a Silicon Valley startup.

We're a group of developers and designers who specialise in solving challenging technical problems. We're particularly interested in provding solutions to problems in security and authentication. Our dedicated team has extensive expertise and experience in smart cards, RFID, NFC, BLE aud biometrics.

Several of our staff have graduate degrees from leading universities - including Stanford, MIT and Caltech. All our professional staff have significant consulting experience in both the public and private sectors.

If you'd like to learn more about our products and services, please email us.

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