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Show support for the vital small businesses in your community - while stretching your dollar further.

Shutdowns and quarantines won't last forever, but local small businesses are facing difficult times. When we're past the current crisis, wouldn't it be great to know that the small businesses we know and love will still be there for us?

Now's your chance to show your support - while taking advantage of great deals. Some are available immediately. Some will be available as businesses re-open. Purchase an offer or deal now!

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Here's how TAP works - for everyone.
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    Create an account

    Sign up for a customer acccount - it takes just a few minutes. There's no obligation.

    If you're a small business and would like to offer deals to TAP members, click here to learn more.

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    Browse deals

    Using your computer or smartphone, browse or search the deals offered by small businesses in your community.

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    Give and share

    Purchase a deal using a regular credit or debit card. You'll be issued an electronic TAP Card immediately. The card can be redeemed later by presenting it in-person at the selected business.

    You can purchase a deal for yourself, or gift it to a family member, friend or colleague. You can even gift it to one of the heroes on the frontline of the current crisis.

Let's work together

TAP is the easiest way to support the small businesses that you care about in your community.

Although some businesses can operate remotely, salons, spas and personal care businesses cannot. After a few weeks (or months!) couped up, we'll all be in need of their services!

Take advantage of the deals currently on offer. By showing your support now, you might even earn a higher spot on the appointment list!

Although some restaurants are open for limited pick-up and delivery, many have been seriously impacted.

Customer numbers are down significantly, and staff reductions inevitable. Show your support by purchasing gift cards that could be used when the crisis subsides.

What a way to celebrate!

While we're all practicing 'social distancing', we should avoid having service businesses in our homes. But when we're past this, our homes will also require some love and care! Gardeners, house cleaning, and other service businesses will be in high demand.

With no in-store customers, local retail businesses have been seriously impacted by shutdowns. And many do not have an online sales presence.

Existing customers can show support by purchasing products, services and gift cards through TAP now.

Staying-at-home means empty movie theaters, museums and other entertainment venues. Purchasing deals from TAP helps owners of these facilities to keep the lights on - so the community can continue to enjoy these venues after the crisis is over.

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Features Galore

The TAP platform allows a host of features to make supporting local business fast, easy, convenient and very secure.


Browse or search deals in your area using any computer, tablet or smartphone. No app required. For each purchase, an electronic TAP Card is issued immediately and stored in the member's account.


TAP Cards are redeemed at participating businesses by presenting a barcode on the member's smartphone or in printed form.


Encrypted communications ensure personal information, payment data and transactions are all secure.


All customers can share their contact information with participating businesses or choose to remain anonymous. It's always the customer's choice.

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