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    The smart new way to give and pay

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    Fast • Easy • Convenient

    And 3 billion smartphones are ready for action!

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    No expensive point-of-sale hardware necessary

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    Works with a variety of payment sources

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    Tags are affordable and can be placed anywhere

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    Greater support

    TAP encourages donors to give more, and more often.

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    Available on both Apple and Android smartphones

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    A force multiplier

    Create thousands of stand-alone donation points

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    Care & Share

    Donors can use social media to spread the word

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    Security & Privacy

    Secure, trusted tags

    Encrypted transactions

    PIN protection

    Biometric protection*

    Real-time notifications & alerts

    Privacy assurance

    A firewall for debit and credit cards

    *Requires smartphone with biometric sensors
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    Tweak the app - make donating faster, easier and fun!

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    Materials design

    Tag issuance

    Campaign reporting

    Donor data collection

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    A Complete Solution

    Whether it's designing materials, distribution or app integration, we're here to help.

Interested in using TAP for your non-profit?


As the use of smartphones and other digital technologies becomes widespread, we're quickly moving towards a cashless society.

Although many enjoy this convenience, it has significantly decreased cash donations to non-profits.

TAP solves this problem.

Inexpensive wireless tags are used to trigger donations and payments in the real world. Any time. Any place.

And the popularity of smartphones now works in our favor - 3 billion smartphones are ready for action!

Unlike many payment systems, TAP is available on both Apple and Android devices. And users can choose from a variety of existing payment sources - credit and debit cards, bank accounts and more.

It's fast, easy, convenient, and very secure.



The TAP system leverages inexpensive wireless tags to initiate payments and donations. Complex and expensive point-of-sale systems are not required.


TAP is available on many of the billions of smartphones currently in use. This includes both Apple iPhone and Android devices. The TAP system is entirely cross-platform.


TAP tags are rugged and inexpensive. They can be included on many kinds of media including flyers, brochures, flyers, table tents and posters.


As TAP tags are inexpensive and standalone, thousands can be quickly produced and distributed. Donation points can be literally anywhere.


Our research indicates that TAP donations are typically larger than a cash donation. And users have the ability to contribute more at a later time or place.


Unlike cash or payment cards, TAP provides non-profits with the ability to gather information about donors, and connect and communicate with them.


Donors can also easily share information about their donation or recipient via social media accounts, and encourage friends and followers to also contribute.


TAP payments and donations can be made using many payment sources. This includes popular credit and debit cards, direct debit from banking accounts and others.


Users have online access to all their transaction data at any time - from any mobile device or computer.


All TAP transactions pass through encrypted channels. User accounts are secured using biometrics and multi-factor authentication.


For each transaction, a user can choose whether to remain anonymous or share their identity and contact information with the recipient. In any case, identifiable information is never shared with third parties.

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All transaction data is securely stored on TAP servers.

For donors, this means contribution information is always available for accounting purposes, and receipts are available at any time.


With a wealth of transaction data, non-profits can use a number of the available reporting functions to gain powerful insights about donations. This is a great help in planning further fundraising activities.

Fast. Easy. Convenient.


TAP partners can conduct fundraising campaigns using the platform app, or they may choose to incorporate the TAP functionality into their own mobile app using a provided SDK.

Various customization options are available including language and user interface.

Partners may also choose to provide barcode scanning capabilities for backwards compatiability with older mobile devices, and instances where a secure TAP tag is not required.

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Who Are We?

TAP is a product and service of TAP Payments - a Silicon Valley company.

We're a group of payment and telecommunication industry veterans with extensive expertise and experience in smart cards, RFID, NFC, BLE and biometrics - many of the tools necessary for secure, convenient payment transactions.

We're firm believers that payments can always be made easier, more affordable, and more secure.

If you'd like to learn more about our products and services, please email us or use the contact form below.

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