For barcode scanning, TAP Scanner requires an iPhone 6 or later. For NFC tag scanning, an iPhone 7 or later is required. An Android version is currently under development.
No. However, a computer can be useful to access account information.

NFC Tags

TAP Scanner reads NFC NDEF formatted tags. It does not currently read other contactless formats.
No. At this time, Apple does not enable this capability.
A variety of external NFC reader/writer devices are available for desktop computers. Alternatively, an Android device can be used to write to tags.


TAP Scanner can read all popular 1D and 2D barcodes including UPC and QR codes.
The barcode scanner can read barcodes one-at-a-time, or many codes sequentially.
Yes. The app recognizes whether barcodes represent plain text, website addresses, telephone numbers, vCards and more.
Yes. The app can create QR codes that represent plain text, website addresses, telephone numbers, vCards and more.

Privacy & Security

Scanned code information is stored only on your device. It is not stored on our servers.
No, registration is optional. However, it does help us keep in touch with you and notify you of new features as the app is further developed.

Product Information

Currently, product scans are re-directed to the Amazon website for further product information.
Currently, the app does not provide price comparisons.


The app archives each scan automatically on the device.
Yes. Each scan can be deleted individually. In addition, the app can auto-delete scans after a defined period of time.


A large number of options are available for customization. For example, different color schemes can be chosen. There are a variety of audio beeps available, and more.

Pricing & Availability

The app is now available in the Apple App Store.
The app is FREE to use, however some of the functionality is limited. Barcode creation and some other features are limited to the full version. Upgrades to the app can be done within the app at any time. The full license price is currently US$1.99.

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